Original paintings and drawings by Connecticut impressionist, landscape painter Thomas McLean


rose blush morning frame sm


Rose Blush Morning  (o/c 16” X 20”)  $850



Crooked Tree Studio and Gallery


Cobalt CT USA               860-267-8410                Thomas@thomasmclean.com


A fine art gallery featuring contemporary paintings and drawings of the moods and atmospheric expressions

of the Connecticut River valley and its surroundings.


Mr. McLean is a self taught artist motivated by the love of art and a
lifelong romance with the aesthetic sublime.  He paints en plein air but also
enjoys working in the studio and believes it is the art of the painter to
bring life to the canvas, to give it a personality, without which a painting
is just paint and canvas.



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three graces frame 147 sm


Three Graces  (o/c 16” X 20”)   $800





Twilight 3x5


Twilight (o/c 8” X 10”)   $300







By the Pond  (o/c 20” X 24”)  SOLD





Autumn Woods 3x5


Autumn Woods  (16” X 20”)   $750





moonlit meadow 6 A SM


Moonlit Meadow  (14” X 24”)   $700





woodland stream frame 1078 sm


Woodland Stream  (o/c  8” X 10”)   SOLD (Dennis Burke Collection)







Diffused Light  (o/c 10” X 14”)   $600





Evening Revery 3x5


Evening Revery  (o/c 8” X 10”)   $300





Beech, barnwood frame


Beech In Winter  (o/c 20” X 24”)   $750





Sunday Afternoon sm


Sunday Afternoon  (o/c 16” X 20”)   SOLD





A Quiet Spot B sm


A Quiet Spot  (o/c 16” X 20”)   $800





day's end frame 1063


Day’s End  (o/c  10” X 14”)  $300





Hazy Meadow sm


Hazy Morning, Early Autumn  (o/c 12” X 16”)  $450







Our Lane  (o/c  16” X 20”)   $600





autumn pond frame sm


Autumn Pond  (o/c  12” X 15”)   $600





looks like snow frame 1068 sm


Looks Like Snow  (o/c  11” X 14”)   $350





Witch B sm


The Witch  (o/c 16” X 20”)   $550





Afterglow frame sm


Afterglow (o/c  12” X 16”)   SOLD





midwinter frame 1072 sm


Midwinter (o/c  10” X 14”)   $300





november morning frame 1075 sm


November Morning  (o/c  8” X 10”)   SOLD





edge of the woods frame 01959 sm


Edge of the Woods  (o/c  30” X 36”)   SOLD





autumn rain frame 1087 sm


Autumn Rain (o/c  16” X 20”)   $500







Autumn Sunset, Hadlyme  (o/c 14” X 24”)   $900







Morning  (o/c 11” X 14”)   $650




“All art is most perfect in so far as it keeps the just medium between literal imagination of outward nature and that ideal conception which haunts the imagination. Art is neither wholly material nor wholly spiritual, [ but rather ] the beautiful child of the wedlock between nature and the soul; and she is the most beautiful, the more she bears a resemblance to both parents.”


Cristopher Pearse Cranch




First Snow  (o/c 20” X 25”)   $1000







Twilight on the Meadow  (o/c 18” X 24”)   SOLD (Dennis Burke Collection)







The New Pasture  (o/c 18” X 24”)   SOLD







Winter Woods  (o/c 16” X 20”)   $850




“Nature contains the elements, in form and colour, of all pictures, as the keyboard contains the notes to all music. But the artist is born to pick, and choose, and group with science, these elements, that the result may be beautiful—as the musician gathers his notes, and forms his cords, until he brings forth from chaos glorious harmony.”

James Abbott McNeil Whistler



midwinter morning frame 1083 sm


Midwinter Morning  (o/c 16” X 20”)   $500







Morning Light  (o/c 14” X 18”) - SOLD





Sunny Spot sm



Sunny Spot  (o/c 12” X 16”)   SOLD







Moonrise, Whippoorwill Hollow  (o/c 20” X 24”) - $900







Autumn Melody  (o/c 14” X 18”) - SOLD







November Sky  (o/c 25” X 30”)   $1200







Reclamation  (o/c 14” X 17”)   $800







Quiet Morning  (o/c 14” X 24”)   $800







Front Field  (w/c 22" X  26") - SOLD







Hazy Morning in the Hollow  (o/c 14” X 18”)    SOLD








July (o/c  20” x 24”)   SOLD (Dennis Burke Collection)








Solitude  (o/c 16” X 20”) - SOLD







Twilight in the Woods  (o/c 14” X 18”)   $850







Approaching Storm  (o/c 20” X 24”)   SOLD (Dennis Burke Collection)




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